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Citroen appeared hand in hand in Wuhan auto show

China (Hubei? Wuhan) international automobile industry exhibition is the only international automotive exhibitions in Wuhan City of Hubei Province, and Wuhan, and central China's largest display of world automotive industry development trend and levels of development of the car exhibition, so highly valued by the car manufacturers. Fashion beautiful, full of France style of Dong Feng Citroen, Dongfeng Citroen reveals large booth as "landlords" flair and attract large numbers of visitors stopped to watch. Full interpretation of the sections of Citroen and Dongfeng Citroen "innovative, stylish and comfortable" models so that the entire booth's popularity continues to grow.
Dongfeng Citroen on the Arc de Triomphe is the show's star, one of the. Since listing, the Arc de Triomphe with charming appearance, cart's top high-tech configuration at the same level, won the "2006 technology innovation of the year, China CCTV car", "beautiful automotive design award (China) mid-size sedan Grand Prize" and "business elite ride for most midsize car of the year award" and other honors.   Meanwhile, triumph 2.0L sales of the top three. New Sala·bijiasuo formally listed at the Shanghai motor show this year also attracted a large number of eyeballs. As a spacious car, xinsala·bijiasuo has the wheelbase of the car at the same level in the largest and highest body, flexible interior space, has led to the car market of "wide • thaw" in the breeze. In addition, it was fitted with optional 1.6L 16V engine and 2.0L 16V engine, and further improve the price/performance.
Dongfeng Citroen C2 as products of a new force, its smart appearance, delicate and elegant interiors, caters to the urban young people's aesthetic. Popular Citroen C2 Kappa series of cross-marketing activities, and the imminent introduction of the C2 owners exclusive clothing "dazzle with" make C2 a stylish sports car of choice is selected in the minds of people.
Dongfeng Citroen Elysee and fukang is its famous "evergreen tree", their population has exceeded 200,000 and 500,000, respectively. Set combines comfort and economic advantages of the Elysee and has become a classic of Beverly, will continue to bring comfort to the Chinese consumer, wonderful life on the bus.
Citroen has also exhibited in this show C4 and C6 two heavyweight models.   C4 bold, delicate and elegant, luxury and C6, let visitors unforgettable. Home of Wuhan Dongfeng-Citroen, Dongfeng Citroen unusually at the auto show. The theme of this international automobile industry exhibition for "harmony, environmental protection and innovation." Dongfeng Citroen on display at the auto show models are all close to the subject, the Arc de Triomphe is full of innovative technology configuration and Dongfeng Citroen is developing high-tech models--the new Elysee CNG dual fuel vehicles also became audience and media inquiries and discussion topics.   By giving full play to the "climate, geography, and" advantage, Dongfeng Citroen on this show is clueless. Dongfeng Citroen remains France introduced models updated, while also adhering to the "home care" services philosophy, long-term commitment to providing Chinese consumers with services in line with international standards. Through the combination of the carrying vehicle and Citroën debut th China (Hubei? Wuhan) international automobile industry exhibition, Dongfeng Citroen was passed to the industry and consumers with a strong brand culture and faith in high-tech models continue to lead the Chinese Auto market.

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