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Service driven sales

New-generation CR-v as a global leader in quality model, has a higher level of advanced and strong driving force and a more car-like luxury features such as textures. The new CIVIC (civic) is the eighth generation of all-new products and has sales in more than 160 countries and regions in the world, sold more than 16 million vehicles.
Date of the establishment of Dongfeng Honda to today and now 4 years, determined to provide global customers with high quality products and quality service. Dongfeng Honda corporate philosophy to "three joys" (purchase, sale of joy, joy joy of creation). Of customers and employees through sales link dreams: on the one hand to the highest quality, attentive service to customers to leave positive, enthusiastic, positive impression, exceed customer expectations, customer moved from the heart, to purchase the fun and joy; staff and users on the one hand to build relationships of mutual trust, pride and joy, with greater confidence to drive sales.   Good service brought generous returns to the sales of motor vehicles: 1 ~ August, Dongfeng Honda total sales 76,518, 137% compared to last year, the growth rate ranked first. Among them, 1-August, CIVIC sales leapt to third in the mid-size sedan and into mainstream mid-size sedan. Since its listing, CR-v, named the high-grade SUV sales champion for four straight months. Also, the sales momentum has increased unabated.

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