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Responding to joint control scientific treatment

Recently, the Dongfeng Motor Corporation's Office of emergency management context, asked all units in accordance with the Party Central Committee and the State Council, Hubei Province, the deployment and requirements of the company, the prevention and control of human infection of swine flu as a focus of the current work, strong sense of responsibility to employees, earnestly implement prevention and control measures, determined to prevent the spread of flu and to ensure employee safety and health. Company Vice General Manager, company director AI Wei Sun Changhai that, AI Wei and other units of the company to pay close attention to the swine flu epidemic, health and epidemic prevention departments and units, Shiyan and strengthen communication and coordination, and keep abreast of the latest requirements of national health systems, and do a swine flu prevention and control work.
&Nbsp;   company Emergency Management Office file pointed out that, company units must according to Central, and Hubei Province related requirements, according to "height attention, and active should, and defense joint control, and law science disposal" of principles, combined company actual, focus grasp following work: close concern outside outbreak development situation, in not effect major international cooperation progress of premise Xia, as reduced area personnel of visiting and on area of visits Medical departments to step up monitoring of human infection of swine flu, in particular, to strengthen the unexplained cases of pneumonia and influenza monitoring. According to national outbreak straight reported system, effective do early found, and early report, and early diagnosis, and early isolation, and early treatment; strengthening emergency unattended work, units to implemented 24 hours duty business, do communications smooth, and reaction timely; do people infection swine flu control knowledge publicity universal work, improve employees self protection consciousness and disease capacity, employees and family to do "service wash, and not cluster"; units Emergency Management Office right guide opinion, for public resolving release puzzle.
&Nbsp;   according to Dongfeng company public career at Director Kai introduced, currently company love Wei do has organization about personnel learning swine flu of control knowledge, and according to company about indicates, and, Shiyan city, epidemic sector close tie, and coordination and communication, and to Dongfeng company senior mechanic school, and Dongfeng car industrial school, units for epidemic work supervision check, to teachers and students and clinic staff preaching swine flu, disease of epidemic knowledge.

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