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Australia's Trade Minister ximeng·kelin visited the East wind

6th, Australia's Trade Minister ximeng·kelin visited the DFM. Deputy General Manager of Dongfeng company Ouyang Jie ximeng·kelin and extensive discussion on the two sides to strengthen exchanges and cooperation.
Ouyang Jie introduced the DFM's history, industry position and recent production and management, and so on. Ouyang Jie said that in future development, the company needs to learn from Australia automotive industry's advanced technology and experience in vehicle and parts manufacturing to create broader space for cooperation.
Ximeng·kelin Dongfeng Motor Corporation has congratulated the growth performance in recent years. He said Australia in car design and have a big advantage in independent innovation, hope this visit will help increase Australia with the Hubei automotive industries, in particular the possibility of cooperation with Dongfeng, through this Exchange to further strengthen communication and cooperation and work together to create more opportunities for mutual benefit and win-win.
Accompanied by Ouyang Jie, ximeng·kelin and his party also visited the East Exhibition Hall.

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