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Companies honest awareness month activities

Dongfeng company has decided that from May to June this year as the 13th "honest publicity month" theme is "deeply study and practice the scientific Outlook on development, strengthening the construction of cadre's work style."
It is understood that in order to carry out this activity, Dongfeng established Dongfeng Fan Zhongyan, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee as leader and Secretary of Commission for discipline inspection Deputy head Ma Liangjie "clean government propaganda and education month" activities leading group.
Activities main content including: through variety form organization members cadres in-depth learning science development views, and 17 session Central discipline third times plenary, and company eighth times Congress and 2009 style clean government workshop spirit and about discipline regulations, focus organization learning Hu Jintao General Secretary in 17 session Central discipline third times plenary Shang of important speech spirit, full strengthening members cadres of party cultivation and style construction; seriously learning implement Dongfeng car company on in-depth learning practice science development views, Strengthening the construction of anti-corruption, the Dongfeng Automobile company employee disciplinary measures and the implementation of Dongfeng Motor Corporation to establish a sound education, system and supervision of punishment and prevention system against corruption work plan implementation program 2008-2012, actively promoting the implementation of, and further promote construction of punishment and prevention system.
Dongfeng company requirements units effective strengthening led, to according to company "style clean government publicity education months" activities of work arrangements, actual, highlight theme, seriously organization good publicity education months activities, established led group, insisted "big mission" pattern, implementation responsibility, promote company style clean government and anti-corruption activities of in-depth carried out; to combined learning practice science development views activities, active exploration new of education way and method, effective guarantee publicity education months activities reached expected of effect, to put carried out " Style clean government publicity education months "activities with strengthening leaders party cultivation and style construction activities combined up, put self-study with concentrated learning combined up; to attention play news media of role, effective well publicity, strengthening positive guide, formed publicity momentum, vigorously create company style clean government and anti-corruption atmosphere; to to this learning practice science development views activities for opportunity, seriously summary company in recent years in style construction and anti-corruption work aspects of experience and success practices.

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