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Dongfeng light commercial vehicle sales in April to over 20,000 units

According to the Department of Dongfeng shares business plan Express: in April, Dongfeng light commercial vehicle sales exceeded 20,000 units, an increase of 8.6%, which was achieved last month after sales to 20,000 cars, single-month sales hit another record high.
Express analysis showed that in April, Dongfeng shares "1+4+1" marketing go hand in hand. Which, Zhengzhou Nissan month sales over 5,000 car, compared growth 37.6%, Dongfeng brand of "Dongfeng sharp chariot", and "Odin" respectively achieved sales 2,623 car, and 550 car, independent brand contribution degrees sharply upgrade; dongfeng Yu long month achieved sales near 9,000 car, high-end light card "Dongfeng of Star" months sales first broken 500 car; truck career Department month achieved sales 2,099 car, compared growth 84%; Dongfeng wagon bus chassis continues to keep industry market share first ; Changzhou Dongfeng achieved sales of over 1000 vehicles in the month, rose 47.5%, Dongfeng xiaoba, pickup began to get user acceptance.
Dongfeng shares according to the relevant person in charge, booming sales for two consecutive months, and the stake in Dongfeng Automobile stock structure has been optimized. Targeted promotions have lifted sales to control for the marketing unit strengthened market share, through "car countryside" opportunity to sink marketing network, Dongfeng shares the current sales and played an active role in sustainable development.

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