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★ 2009 special car market and sales analysis

Annual early, we will on dedicated car market for annual of analysis and forecast, although annual big of direction no what changes, always constantly of forward development of, but annual different of models development of speed also is not as of, according to when of economic development and the construction focus not as, like sprinkler car, and tanker, and Spider-man car, and garbage car, and compression garbage car, development of uneven are not as. In early 2008, affected by the snow, our truck, dump truck, garbage truck to buy a very good August will host the Olympic Games, so our water trucks, water tankers, water trucks, garbage trucks, refuse compression transfer vehicle and are very popular.
2009, by full seeking by thaw crisis of effect, whole dedicated car market certainly will has must of effect, but this also also is a opportunities, because dedicated car main also is used to directly for economic construction of development do contribution of, on like sprinkler car, and garbage car, this is each city sprinkler with and sanitation with of vehicles, what when are impossible less, like tanker, and shipped oil car, and oil tank, and oil car, this is national economic development of lifeline, more impossible less, like engineering since truck, and Spider-man car,, Countries as long as the economic construction will be needed. Now, mainly from three aspects of the analysis to the development of a private car.
First, the current situation of the development of special purpose vehicle market
Special purpose vehicle is closely related to development of the national economy, not like cars are mainly used for private consumption, but direct involvement in national economic construction, whether for transport or construction work, for contribution to the development of economic construction. Meanwhile, economic development will stimulate the development of special purpose vehicle, for special purpose vehicles to provide broader market. in recent years, with the development of the national economy, infrastructure development, as well as the rapid development of China's automobile industry, rapid development of China's car market has been showing scenes of prosperity, to meet domestic requirements and made important contribution to promoting the development of the national economy. So, what about special purpose vehicle market prospect? This paper from the status of China's car market, analysis of problems in China's car market, prospects and problems in development of special purpose vehicle market health. Second, the healthy development of our country special purpose vehicle market should keep in mind
1, the application of new technology in special vehicle questions
In recent years the market for exclusive products with high technical content and added value is more and more, some high-tech began widely applied in special purpose vehicles, to meet specific functional requirements of the special purpose vehicle chassis was developed. Regardless of is hydraulic lift rose device, and row material unloading material device, and measurement measurement device, and mechanical job device, also is refrigeration insulation device, and security protection device, and control device, and job monitored device; regardless of is various cylinder, and pump, and valve, and instrument, Assembly, also is various box, and tank body, body structure, are in dedicated car Shang get has widely application, in must degree Shang meet has new situation Xia user on dedicated car products of diversification needs. Chinese special purpose vehicle chassis, engine, Assembly or in production technology compared with the advanced countries, there is a big gap. In joined WTO Hou, to with abroad car production enterprise competition, must speed up introduction or imports key parts, and Assembly efforts and speed up independent development of efforts, quickly development high of dedicated car, meet user of urgent need; if not so do, abroad of some dedicated car on will rushed to China, and China user on will to abroad orders, to then will is China dedicated car industry of sad.
2, a dedicated Depot to form relationships of mutual cooperation of host plant
Special vehicle market with wide range of services in all areas of the national economy, such as road transport, construction, oil, mining, power, telecommunications, postal services, finance, health care, water, sanitation, agriculture, aviation, aerospace, food, public security, fire safety, justice and national defense construction, it has needed for the Bank features, special purpose vehicle meet the industry-specific functionality needs. Particularly in the last two years States increase investment in infrastructure construction, dump truck and engineering building special-purpose vehicle production and sales growing, forming unusual development. Meanwhile, the country in recent years to expand domestic demand to accelerate the material circulation, goods transport and van transport market heating up.
Special need to address the primary problem is the position of the car market, that is, to "specialized" aspects. At present, some modified Depot location in the automotive industry, and the automotive industry is a coalition, causing chaos in the car market. In order to change this situation in order to revive the special purpose vehicle positioning, the development of special purpose vehicle should be directed toward the development of specialized and professional, based on the special requirements of users, including lifting vehicles, special vehicles, container trucks with ladders, produce new structure, prices are higher, uses special vehicles, variety, less bulk. Meanwhile, in the restructuring of the car industry in the future, each a dedicated Depot had to research products for specific purposes, development now and don't get stuck in the bulk, less than cars, but according to the characteristics of the special purpose vehicle market, development of production small, multi-species models.  This is the development of special purpose vehicle industry trends. Third, the analysis of the factors restricting the development of our country special purpose vehicle industry
1, size small
In General, the refit automobile enterprises in China market outstanding achievements in recent years. However, small scale, weak technical force, is still the problem of modified cars generally. Enterprises must strengthen their economic strength, better introduction, digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology and advanced management experience, and improve the technological content of products and enterprise management level in order to enhance competitiveness. According to relevant statistics, China the exclusive automobile manufacturer on the notice more than more than 500 private cars more than more than 1550 species. Of special purpose vehicles in commercial vehicles accounted for 18%--25%. Automotive industry as a whole, special purpose vehicle market share is very small, most of the small scale of production of enterprises. Most purchased chassis modification for production of medium and small plants, much of the low level of mechanization, cottage-style, product quality is uneven. Production volume is small, is more difficult to achieve economies of scale and economic efficiency of enterprises it is difficult to highlight. Individual models due to the place of individual enterprises or industries to protect, make certain developments, such as fire-fighting vehicles, medical vehicles, oilfields in a vehicle. Some powerful private enterprise and external system access to some exclusive areas there is still some resistance to the detriment of competition in the market, is not conducive to technological progress, is not conducive to improving product quality and reducing costs.
2, products structural imbalance and inequality
Few varieties of special vehicles in China, but heavy, medium, light, high, medium, General, special, new imbalance, most companies can only produce midsize General special vehicles and other types of special-purpose vehicle production is still small and simple functions. High technology and high added value, high reliability of domestic special vehicle wasn't enough. Although the imported car (including tops) and accessories prices high, but still want to maintain for a long time the special purpose vehicle enterprise and general lack of advanced production equipment and technology, is the lack of more advanced management methods, which are greatly restricting the development of our country special purpose vehicle under.
3, key parts from independent production
Until now, Chinese special purpose vehicle chassis is very scarce. China production of dedicated car, still most is used Dongfeng, and Liberation, and Steyr, and Iveco, General laden (guest) car chassis, after adjustment wheelbase, small range of changes for modified of, fundamental alone special car dedicated chassis of technology reserves; production out of most dedicated car still Basic is technology content low, and price low of labor intensive of General dedicated car, as low tonnage since truck, and half hanging tractor, and tanker, and post car,. Even if the domestic manufacturers to produce more advanced Steyr series chassis, its technology at the international level has become very backward, in a very passive position in international competition. 4, lagging technology
Current domestic special vehicle production remained largely stuck in imitation of stage (especially the tops), development and design similarity is common. Another a General of phenomenon is if a time within a type dedicated car market needs is big, is many manufacturers on will swarm like to Organization production, even some small modified factory in place protectionism of cover Xia "kinda" like to assembled vehicles sold, these quality, and performance mixed of dedicated car soon on damage has dedicated car market of "game rules", makes formal of production manufacturers suffered huge loss, also makes formal manufacturers technology development of enthusiasm by serious combat.
Overall car market is in constant development, the global economy is growing, as long as we seize the opportunity to launch his intelligence we will be able to achieve even greater success.

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