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General luxury car hidden risks meeting of the teams training truck drivers

Refuse collection vehicles and millions of Yuan worth of luxury cars driven in the same section, what should I do? Luyang clean second team driver of the garbage truck has a unity of ideas: "can't afford to make, quickly hid away. "The morning of March 29, 2012, the team of 18 garbage truck driver collective learning car flag to prevent collided with the car.
"Recently, the media frequently reports on collided with a car accident, one often needs to afford the sky-high compensation. "Luyang clean head of the team told reporters that 32 waste collection in a private car, from 4 o'clock in the morning until 12 o'clock at night taking turns to work a day job, traveling on the road in the area, the security issue has been the focus. "Say car hit, but many drivers don't know cars. In order to avoid such accidents, vehicle safety self-inspection is carried out on the team. "The official said, meanwhile, yesterday morning, clean driving class II collection 18 drivers held a" smart car, hiding risks "thematic session, so pilots watch worth more than 5 million Yuan luxury vehicle slides, and learn to recognize vehicle logo.

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