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Foreign stirred China's commercial vehicle industry competition pattern changes loom

By the international financial crisis, since the second half of last year, domestic and international truck industry suffered a serious blow to the global truck market, including China is mulling changes, a new round of merger and reorganization was imminent.
In domestic commercial car enterprise of series moves in the, people are can saw foreign of figure: Fukuda car and Germany Daimler-Mercedes-Benz company led hand; outgoing heavy steam group is sought and abroad commercial car enterprise cooperation of message; General and Faw in light commercial car aspects of cooperation progress quickly; GAC day wild recently said, not excluded introduced day wild light card technology; Zhengzhou Nissan is carrying Nissan multifunctional across territories car NV200, active preparing for domestic light commercial car market. Noteworthy is that in the course of this round of mergers, foreign joint venture cooperation strategy is more flexible than in the past, China's voice to gradually increase.
Foreign investment: concepts in more pragmatic
Compared with passenger cars, foreign capital entering China's commercial vehicle industry, have gone through a rough road. Mercedes-Benz with Faw, Volvo, lessons learned so far in cooperation with heavy duty truck make memories. Practice of insisting on joint ventures using foreign brands, multinational companies missed the opportunity for rapid development of China's commercial vehicle market, and even set up a joint venture company, performance is not satisfactory.
In recent years, the lure of the world's largest commercial vehicle market growing, fast-growing brand for commercial vehicles are also impressive, both in the field of commercial vehicle joint venture cooperation started to change. SAIC, Italy Iveco company, Chongqing Hongyan first arrive at a consensus, in the tripartite joint venture set up in the company, Iveco and Red Rock brands exist. Zhihou, Guangzhou automobile Hino Motors project also adopted a two-brand models.
Last year, the Foton motor in cooperation with Mercedes-Benz and a big step forward on the basis of this: the two sides formed a joint venture company will produce only Chinese Auman brand heavy-duty truck. This was hailed as a model of Sino-foreign joint venture an innovation.
GM and SAIC jointly restructured liuzhou Wuling, formed a joint venture, SAIC-GM-Wuling's case, will be copied to the GM's light truck business in China. There are indications that, in the light commercial vehicle joint venture with Faw, GM took a more pragmatic approach: only invest capital rather than in the technical and product control, get good returns.
For more than 20 years, both in the field of commercial vehicle cooperation process of slow change and brand companies and foreign game process. Sought in their efforts to enter the Chinese market, foreign commercial vehicle company on China's market potentials and broad prospects, awareness has not changed, change is awareness of the partners.
China: external cooperation in order to better
Development of own brand
Truck industry in China joint venture does not run smooth, does not mean that domestic enterprises do not need external cooperation. Mercedes-Benz is negotiating with Faw fail main reasons, both serious differences on whether to retain the liberation and development of brand. Faw's fixation on brands, reflects China's commercial vehicle business for its own brand of love and confidence.
A case study of heavy truck, brand the cards to today, mainly depends on the cost advantage. Looking to the longer term, Steyr has been to Acme, cost advantage alone is not permanent. Foton motor Deputy General Manager Wu Yuejun believes that brand in order to keep a competitive edge, you must keep up with the pace of demand, grasp the rhythm of technological advancement.
Obviously, the needs of China's own brand trucks face technology upgrades. There are two way to go to carry out technological upgrading: one is as developed as the Faw; second, foreign joint venture cooperation. According to the actual situation of Chinese enterprises, most companies prefer to take the second road. Advanced technology combined with a low cost of production in China will be very competitive. Through external cooperation to introduce advanced technology and management experience, will undoubtedly make greater development of China's own brand for commercial vehicles.
Foton in cooperation with Mercedes-Benz, an obvious benefit is that the Auman brand heavy-duty truck with Mercedes-Benz global sales network, fast access to international markets, and Mercedes-Benz technical Auman heavy truck technology upgrades.
Global truck industry structure overrides
What role China will play
China is the world's most important and most promising truck market in the global truck industry in the process of rewriting, Chinese enterprises will not stand idly by. China's market will not always rapid growth, using rapid growth take the form of independent research and development capacity and overseas marketing network, is a realistic choice of truck companies. Fukuda and Mercedes-Benz, the target is the global market. It can be said that Fukuda find effective ways to promote globalization strategy.
Recently, rumors of at least 3 companies in the industry plans to participate in Ford Volvo merger. At present, the international financial crisis has not bottomed out, Enterprise valuations plunge, unattainable targets are becoming readily available, good chance to a certain extent mergers and acquisitions. And don't say the final outcome, not to expect the domestic auto companies by international mergers and acquisitions, rapidly enhance position in the global auto industry. However, the behavior of domestic enterprises to actively participate in international mergers and acquisitions shows China's automobile enterprises have begun to accelerate the pace of entering the overseas market.
Fukuda together Mercedes-Benz changed the tradition of Sino-foreign joint venture
In the new round of cooperation to achieve win-win
Liu Jing-
Since the reform and opening of China's auto industry development speed is attracting world attention. This benefited from the quick start and rapid expansion of the domestic market, on the introduction of foreign capital and advanced technology is also an important driving force. Venture passenger car industry all over the country, not to mention, also can be seen everywhere in the area of commercial vehicles "outside help" figure. Until now, light Toyota, Isuzu light trucks, sitaierzhongka, and so on, remain important technical prototypes for commercial vehicles in China. In stark contrast is that successful technology transfer case China commercial vehicle industry, success joint ventures are rare. The reason, there are two main areas:
One is that both brands use serious differences on. Faw and Mercedes-Benz joint venture is an important cause of the breakdown in talks, Mercedes-Benz Faw to abandon the "liberation" brand as a precondition for cooperation on both sides, which is obviously unacceptable to the Faw; Volvo heavy truck group, and also taking into account foreign high-end brand image, reluctant to create years of directly related to product localization. From a pure business standpoint, the foreign practices have merit. But the reality tells us that from blindly adhere to market demand not only fail to contribute to cooperation and achieve win-win situation, but also the missed opportunity.
Secondly, transnational commercial product can hardly meet the demand of the Chinese market of car giant. Different from the passenger car market, China's commercial vehicle market with distinctive characteristics and unique product structures. Due to lack of versatility, paid no attention to the localization of product improvements, international commercial vehicle business to enter the mainstream of Chinese commercial vehicle market. In particular, the commercial vehicle business in China highlight the cost advantages and rapidly and flexibly to business practices, making it difficult for those century-old meet.
As China's auto market has matured and the strength has grown, "going out" has become the only way for the development of commercial vehicles in China. In recent years, automobile exports have become a new growth point of China's auto industry. In some developing countries, inexpensive Chinese cars are to seize the European, American and Japanese auto giants in the market. With the improvement of products technical level, sooner or later the Chinese auto companies at the auto giant's home market and compete. Clearly, more and more multinational companies are aware of this.
20 years ago, who would have dreamed of, China's auto industry has come such a long way in such a short time of development. If 10 years ago, foreign investment in China to seek joint ventures, more of a focus on China's huge market capacity. Today, their active cooperation with the Chinese enterprises not only commitment to the Chinese market, and use their own advantages to cooperate with Chinese enterprises, increased competition in the global market in the future is a strong partner.
Along with the changes in the economic situation at home and abroad and domestic firms say the rising foreign capital of the game rules or are gradually losing, bilateral cooperation tends to be more fair and mutually beneficial. Believe in the new joint venture, both Chinese and foreign parties achieve even greater success, and a real win-win situation.

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