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Economic crisis for SMEs called for subsidies

It is understood that the number of SMEs in the country has nearly 50 million and become an important pillar of economic growth. With the outbreak of the economic crisis, businesses and cost pressures profitability severely upside down, SMEs need States "hold." Although the Government has introduced a number of policies-financed market, still can not fully benefit the small and medium enterprises. Recently, the "car to the countryside" and other new deal have been implemented, 23.3 billion subsidies began to benefit policy markets, and with the plight of small and medium enterprises, also have "need to be subsidized," the voice.
Customer: preferred fuel-efficient MPV, looking forward to purchase subsidies
External economic downturn, SMEs had to internal spending, keeping only the most basic operating funds. A clothing business executives and President of the local Chamber of Commerce, Lee told reporters too much pressure on operating costs within the company, which is the cost of using a car, we have the 7 GL8 and 10 wind low price sale, vehicle fuel consumption per hundred kilometers in more than 12 litres, market weak, high oil costs have been difficult to bear. Now depend entirely on the remaining 12 fuel the popularity of Ling Zhi uninterrupted support operations, adaptation of the original 30 cars, which is now widely adopted by "money" approach.
"The economic situation is bad, gas-guzzling MPV is ' cut ', but we also need to purchase a fuel-efficient MPV, after all, 12, Ling Zhi is unable to meet the need for further expansion of business. "Businesses also forced a transfer forced by the situation, at the same time, General Lee SME advice: expect to be like" home appliances to the countryside "," car to the countryside ", as at the time of purchase of government authority found that fuel-efficient MPV, enjoy government subsidies, which can save on purchase cost, and can save the cost of maintaining a car, helping enterprises tide over.
Markets: fuel economy is the Foundation of business are the core
However cannot be overlooked is that although high oil prices as well as the pressures of the financial crisis, has forced small and medium enterprises pay attention to MPV fuel-saving performance, but SMEs on MPV business the basic needs of the property remains unchanged--business corporate image-of-car to demonstrate strength, meanwhile, still to be fully equipped and thoughtful, to give guests a distinguished feel.
Li also spoke to reporters: first select the retention of 12 popular Ling Chi, in addition to saving can bring the enterprise to save expenditure, and more importantly, Ling Zhi to enhance our company's overall image. Its unique panoramic view five skylights, open, bright, customers can sit in any position to enjoy the abundant space, seamless sense of heaven and Earth, this noble experience is not available to the other MPV. In everyday use, the second 360-degree rotating seats with the highest utilization rate can sometimes form a temporary room, talking together in the way you guys can sit around drinking tea, chatting, send travel time; some of the exhausted guests, can also directly on a leg up on the seat rest, ease of commuting, very useful. "The space large, comfortable ride" Ling Chi, is one customer after unanimous approval, this evaluation image plus many of our business. We occasionally encounter customer to carry heavy luggage, in this case, rear seats can be proportional to the 50:50 hanging on the sides of the trunk, expand trunk capacity. Many space combinations, so we are always able to change according to customer demand.
Reporters combed business MPV market, with a handful of fuel-saving and business models of the two major characteristics, Ling Zhi is one of the most iconic cars. Ling Zhi came from Mitsubishi module SPACEGEARL400, and used the original Mitsubishi technology engine, told space business, saving the DNA remain. Meanwhile, popular cars the original "ALL-PST" Ling Chi, commercial vehicle manufacturing technologies to ensure leading-edge point. Among them, the ALL-POWER fuel JK technologies, ensures that every drop of fuel to burn fully, for maximum combustion efficiency, this is Ling Zhi-saving core; ALL-SHELL materials supply system and the ALL-TIME quality control system ensures Ling Chi business appearance and excellent quality.
Expert: oil, business, subsidies, "three points" as the enterprise solution
Greener more fuel-efficient business MPV low oil consumption--can be used for small and medium enterprises in terms of cost to "cut expenditure", while perfect commercial properties but also for SMEs-"open source". Not difficult to find and maintain quality, reduce cost, reduce the burden on business, buy MPV was the main demand, substituting popular fuel-efficient MPV is Ling Zhi as the representative in the "provincial business" fast evolution.
Data indication, although 08 MPV's sales fell by 12.56%, automotive declined the most in the industry sector, but behind this decline, there was a rush on potential and momentum gradually. According to statistics from China Association of automobile manufacturers, Nissan junyi, Ling Zhi as the representative of fuel-saving classes MPV a jumped, leading the overall market growth rate, and traditional gas guzzlers MPV: Buick GL8, Odyssey, refine all appear at different level. Ling Chi models, such as going against the trend, on the one hand is in line with the SMEs ' demand for fuel-efficient MPV to meet their urgent needs at this stage, on the brand grow, product ownership, improve reputation, enhancing user loyalty to the product.
Bi Xiaozhong, senior auto analyst said sales shows SME's preference for MPV, fuel-saving business MPV has been recognized. For these types of products that comply with the demand, should be given a certain degree of support policies, such as Ling Chi authority twice won the Chinese national championship tournament MPV fuel saving cars, at the time of purchase, if we can give some subsidies for car purchases. In this way, conforms to the "national support for fuel-efficient Green cars extension" of the overall approach, letting companies gained, expand domestic demand, is saved under the economic crisis of the automotive industry, can be described as a win-win, I hope Government departments in policy to give practical support.

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