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Hubei suizhou special purpose vehicle models production up to more than 300 species

Hubei province is China's largest production base of tank cars, suizhou special purpose vehicle more than 62 categories, more than 300 kinds of models, by the China machinery industry Federation awarded China "special purpose vehicle".
China machinery industry Federation of China "special purpose vehicle" title, suizhou city, Hubei province. As China's largest production base of tank cars, suizhou special purpose vehicle more than 62 categories, more than 300 kinds of models.
In 2007, China's first green sand control spray and suizhou, China's first intelligent road testing vehicles in the line. Thus, after more than 40 years of development, suizhou special purpose vehicle in China most varieties, featured the most distinguished, most resource-rich cities.
At present, large in suizhou special purpose vehicle and parts manufacturing and sales company has grown to 172, with total assets of more than 5 billion yuan, of which State qualification of special purpose vehicle Enterprise 16, otherwise the number of enterprises has been built and has a dedicated capacity, being declared special vehicle production qualification. Suizhou has annual production capacity of 70,000 cars, all kinds of special purpose vehicle SPV chassis 30,000 vehicles, 30,000 units of car body, wheel production capacity of 3 million.
Suizhou production of all 12 big series dedicated car including: refueling car, and shipped oil car, and aircraft refueling car, and liquefied petroleum gas body transport car, and low temperature liquid transport car, and chemical liquid transport car, and powder grain material transport car, and bulk cement car, and concrete mixing car, and green spray car, and Xia gray car, and water car, and fire engine, and grass seed sow car, and with car lifting transport car, and warehouse gate car, and dedicated since truck, and sucking manure sucking dirt car, and fresh transport car, and Spider-man car, and wrecker car, and epidemic car, and mobile battery, and since truck, and van type car, and half trailer, and Bus more than 62 categories more than 300 varieties of special vehicles.
According to statistics, suizhou production of tank type car in domestic market share up 40% above, which tanker sales volume 15,000 car, ranked national first; sanitation car sales volume 11,000 car, ranked national first; flat body annual sales 25,000 car, ranked national first; steel business wheels annual sales 2.28 million only, ranked national first; since truck annual sales 18,000 car, ranked domestic three strong; car car casting pieces annual sales 92,000 tons, ranked domestic five strong.

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