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Adjust policy to ensure the industry gradually warmer

On April 19, Miao Wei, Vice Minister of industry and information technology in the "global economic crisis of the auto industry development opportunity and challenge--2009 Shanghai International Automobile Exhibition Forum", said State departments will be based on the automobile market in due course make the necessary policy adjustments to ensure progressively the full recovery.
Miao said the auto restructuring and revitalization plan is clear the next three years will be 10 billion yuan in the central budget special funds to support enterprises technical innovation, technical progress, as well as the development of new energy cars and private parts, where the local Enterprise Fund will be approved next week, central enterprise technical transformation projects of organization will be deployed next week.
Miao Wei said, will actively implement the policy of cultivating the automobile consumer market. Before the end of 2009 on the displacement in the 1.6-litre and 1.6-liter passenger cars half the vehicle purchase surcharge relief; cars, motorcycles to the countryside; set aside 5 billion yuan in the central budget, converted to a light-duty truck farmers abandoned cars. Industry and information technology Department is to actively assist the relevant government departments in implementing the policy measures mentioned above.
Miao Wei, also described the Ministry strongly support the automobile enterprises technology and innovation, accelerate industrial restructuring, development of new energy vehicles, to strengthen industry management of the situation of the car industry.

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