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Dongfeng diesel birth DCD's new development plan

Unity DCD reborn every spirit, the North-South dynamic reconstruction are then hand in hand. November 23, 2011, Shanghai Yu Dongfeng company, such as enterprise development co, Shanghai and investment company, Shanghai Han-plate business services limited jointly funded DCD limited inaugural ceremony was held. Chaoyang city people's Congress Standing Committee Wang Shuxuan, Standing Committee member of CPC, Vice Mayor Han June, Dongfeng Motor Corporation General Manager Zhu Fushou, Dongfeng Motor Corporation, Deputy Secretary, Chairman of Dongfeng diesel, Fan Zhongyan common for Dongfeng diesel limited opening. This is the wood the company implemented restructuring, achieve strategic development of one big, a company was an important milestone in the history of, marks a more dynamic, more marketing innovations new DCD is born.
Participate in the celebration ceremony of led and guest has Chaoyang city Standing Committee Director Wang Shuxuan, and municipal Standing Committee, and Executive Deputy Mayor June Han, and municipal Standing Committee, and municipal Secretary-General Qu Lianchun, and Standing Committee Deputy Director radar, and City Government Deputy Mayor Wu Yongcun, and city CPPCC Deputy President Li Fudong, and Dongfeng car company General Manager Zhu Fushou, and Dongfeng car company party Deputy Secretary Fan Zhongyan, and Dongfeng car AG Secretary of the Li Jiangang, and Jac car company General Manager Zhao Houzhu, and Nanjing Iveco General Manager Liang zhou, and Shanghai Fang Yu and Liu Ting, Chairman of the company, the Shanghai company director Zhou Jinguo, there are other departments and units, car factories, suppliers and other leaders and the media. Ceremony presided over by Zhao Zhuang, Dong feng, General Manager of diesel.
Dongfeng Motor Corporation Deputy Secretary, Fan Zhongyan, Chairman of DCD's power on behalf of the company leadership and staff leaders and guests attended the ceremony in his busy schedule to extend a warm welcome and heartfelt thanks. Subsequently, the Fan Shuji introduces "Dongfeng DCD limited" established process, noted that North Korea fuel after the company experienced 50 years of ups and downs, has become one of the most important enterprises in the field of industrial diesel engines. In order to meet the market competition situation, North Korea fuel company in accordance with the spirit of the 17 and Commission requirements have completed a restructuring of the State Council. Got the Dongfeng Motor Corporation and the reform of the Chaoyang municipal government attention and support, be understood and endorsed by the broad masses of workers, especially the other three investors ' strong support for DCD limited was established to provide material support and spiritual power. New diesel will continue to build diesel engines for light-duty vehicle market at the same time, planning the new development strategy, and for the shortest time to achieve market growth and benefit, make significant contributions to economic development in Chaoyang city.
Shanghai Fang and Liu Ting, Chairman of the company, as shareholders ' representatives speak at the ceremony. Says chairman Liu, DCD is a technology, capital and talent-intensive enterprises, workers with the glorious struggle of 50 years of history, has a wealth of experience in research and development, manufacturing and sales of diesel engines, with unique simplicity and diligence of the North, Chaoyang municipal support and care, it is diesel-powered soft environment of incomparable advantages. Despite towards wood company in this year due to by market situation of effect, business performance fell, but we firm of believes towards wood is a worth investment of enterprise, if can further change mechanism, towards wood must can formed more powerful of competition strength, hope towards wood power company in future of development in the, can play equity institutions diversified of advantage, speed up technology innovation, adapted market changes, around enterprise development strategy target created better of economic.
Zhu Fushou, General Manager at the ceremony on behalf of Dongfeng Motor Corporation Dongfeng company headquarters to thank all those involved in the ambitious reform of DCD. General Manager Zhu Fushou said our reform is a means, not an end, and this requires the operator to see the restructuring as a turning point, to seize the opportunity to tap reserves to deal with complex market's ability to bring faster development of diesel. While addressing employee's identity in the process of restructuring, transfer and resettlement of retired employees, complete the reform's ultimate goal. General Manager Zhu Fushou said, Dongfeng company promoting the company's restructuring is not shuaibaofu, but hope that through institutional innovation to DCD's development opens up a new environment and atmosphere, Dongfeng company push toward the development of Qaidam Basin will not change. Hope all the operators and staff appreciate the opportunity, through their own efforts, in the next few years to create a new wood.
Municipal Committee, Vice Mayor of Chaoyang City June Han representative municipal government, leading to the East, and attended by DCD limited warm congratulations on the establishment of, and expressed cordial greetings to the hard working staff. South Korean Deputy Mayor pointed out that North Korea fuel power ceremony was held, marks the success of DCD's restructuring, the company has entered a new stage of development. Restructuring of the DCD is taking a decisive step to help enterprise full of vitality, quickly become bigger and stronger. Chaoyang city, will continue to support development of the diesel-powered, to create a good environment, and hoped that the newly established North Korea fuel dynamics can inherit the spirit of enterprise, grasp the pulse of the market and expand market share, develop into excellent enterprise management at home and abroad. Finally, the Vice Mayor of South Korean military wish North Korea fuel power a bright future and success.

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