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quality policy:
service enterprises customer satisfaction product; a domestic famous brand.
quality goal:
implement the ISO9001:2000 standard, establish and maintain continuous improvement of quality management system of vehicle inspection pass rate ≥ 92%, annually within three years more than 1%; 100% vehicle ex factory pass rate, customer satisfaction 90%, more than 1% annually within three years.
quality commitment:
company responsible for the product 100%; service customer 100% satisfaction.
Training of personnel:
1, organized by the factory engineers organize group training, learning theory and actual operation;
2, reached the factory after the theoretical learning and hands-on technical requirements;
First, grasp the basic theory of special vehicle. performance and functionality;
Second, according to the program can skillful operation;
Third, ruled out technical failure.
Second, the maintenance branch. Venue. Technical force. Contact;
1, branch: "East II steam technology service station";
2, place: province. Land. The city. County;
3, technical strength: according to the same two gas requires "engineers" level.
Three, free maintenance program and the term
1, track time: lifetime;
2, from the date the customer, within the scope of normal use, 10000 km or repaired free of charge within one year (excluding wearing parts and electrical parts), for more than a year only charge for parts;
3, service time of arrival: the province, 24 hours; the rest, within 24 hours of sending its staff;
4, flood control and drainage project during a year and technical personnel regularly or visiting troubleshooting do not exclude, trouble-free active prevention.
Parts supply after four, free price
1, method: steam, where Dongfeng technology service station uniform supplier, shipped directly by the manufacturer according to user requirements;
2, accessory charge, without additional costs.
Five, chassis failure, press the chassis manufacturer at the nearest service station maintenance.

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