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Dongfeng tip 140 Water Fire Truck 3.5 ton

Dongfeng tip 140 Water Fire Truck 3.5 ton

Tank volume 3.5 (m)

Dongfeng tip 140 Water Fire Truck 3.5 ton    main technical parameters
Product name: Dongfeng tip 140 Water Fire Truck 3.5 ton Overall dimensions: 7000×2400×2850(mm)
Chassis model: EQ1092FJ Cargo compartment dimensions: ××(mm)
Total mass: 8900(Kg) Approach/departure angle: 35/16(°)
Quality rating: 3900(Kg) Front overhang Rear overhang: 1080/1920(mm)
Kerb mass: 5000(Kg) Speed limit: 90(km/h)
Engine Engine manufacturers Displacement (ML) Power (kW)
EQ6100-1 Dongfeng motor commercial vehicle engine factory 5420 99
Emission standard: GB14762-2002 II
Axis: 2 Front track: 1810/1800(mm)
Wheelbase: 3950 Rear track: 1800(mm)
Number of tires: 6 Tire size: 9.00-20
Fuel type: Gasoline/petrol Number of spring leaf: 8/11+8
Axle load: CAB numbers: 6
Vehicle notes: Tank volume 3.5 (m)
Multidimensional figure:
Special performance: ※ Company specializes in refitting sales East bully fire trucks, Dongfeng Dongfeng 145 140 Dongfeng 140/47 fire engines, fire trucks, fire trucks, Dongfeng 153 fire trucks, Dongfeng 1208 fire trucks, Steyr fire engines, liberation of red fire engines, fire trucks, and so on.
※ Fire engines and a fire truck, fire truck. Used II class laden car chassis modified and into, dedicated part by liquid tank, and pump room, and equipment box, and power output and the drive system, and pipeline system, and electrical system, composition, widely applies Yu Town police fire team, and oil chemical, and factories enterprise, and forest, and port, and Terminal, sector, can quickly close fire expand fire fighting, saves various fire, is ideal of fire equipment.
※ Fire-engine vehicle streamlined design, the appearance of new, flexible, economical and practical, internal equipment separated materials are made of high-strength aluminum alloy profiles, elegant appearance. Equipment placed a reasonable, fixed with special special fixtures.
※ Fire-engine with double rows of monolithic construction, vision, crew, take the 6-8; fire truck fire in March, range, strong fire fighting capacity. Optional pressure fire pumps, medium and low pressure fire pumps, high and low pressure fire pumps.
※ For fire engines users have special requirements, please call our company, our users can order design, modification, and preheated thermal insulation can be installed unit, power steering, air conditioning and other accessories.
Exempt from notice:

Water Fire Truck exemption notice

Vehicle name Type of vehicle Notes
Water Fire Truck Fire engine 7th page 117th


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