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Wrecker parts such as pins damage hazard alert

In China, in recent years, the development of road-block removal truck is fast, its inventory is also increasing. At the road-block removal truck manufacturer design and manufacturing level rising at the same time, China has gradually formed by specialist for the pattern of road-block removal truck, skills of your users use the wrecker and increasing degree of specialization, wrecker and failure rate when used wrecker component damage and fewer and fewer accidents. But we must also be soberly aware, during clearing operations because of road-block removal truck damaged lead to jobs, even the phenomenon of secondary accidents have also occurred.
wrecker pin shaft damage hazard alert
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there are many reasons for the accident, such as repair car parts damaged by the PIN is one of the factors.
Repair car parts such as pins in "Leviathan" don't stand out, but it is a common and important part play connectivity and hosting roles. Like the arm spindle, trailing arm shaft, cylinder pin, thanks to fork axis, and so on. In the design of such parts, our forces according to the PIN, selecting the size and material of the shaft, with the appropriate parts machining and heat treatment process, which meets the PIN part accuracy, strength, hardness, and other performance parameters, also considers the fixed PIN and lubrication in order to pin part of the regular inspection, maintenance and repair.

But nevertheless, user in using wrecker car Shi, sometimes also will appeared some pin axis parts bent deformation even fracture, damaged of phenomenon, in maintenance Shi often appeared pin axis rust card died of situation, this except has parts design and making quality problem of reasons yiwai, also and user overload using and daily check maintenance improper about, so in using wrecker car Shi, operation who must to according to manufacturers provides of technology parameter and operation to using and maintenance maintenance, to avoid damaged wrecker car and the occurred security accident.

Wrecker tools support forks. When we insert the support fork shaft seat cover lifts up front axle or front leaf spring when, in different conditions, Tora fork shaft bending stresses are not the same, serious overloading, speeding use is likely to hold the fork shaft bending deformation and fracture phenomena, resulting in accidents.

Addition, in using supporting fork job Shi, some user free making or used heightened of supporting fork to job, actually such do is not security, because in also of workers condition Xia, heightened supporting fork by by of bent stress more short fork to big, and bent stress changes range larger, as not increased supporting fork axis of strength, on is easy makes supporting fork axis bent deformation and fracture. Three years Qian, in China coastal a area of a article Highway Shang, a car 8 tons wrecker car are supporting up a car serious overload of big truck in driving, suddenly wrecker car of supporting fork axis occurred fracture, truck immediately from wrecker car of supporting arm Shang pendant Xia and lost has control, a on hit in tunnel wall Shang, fortunately vehicles at driving in tunnel in the, no led to more serious of accident, or consequences contemplate.

In addition, regular checks regularly on the road-block removal truck maintenance and repair is also important. Wrecker car job Shi jacket in the of pin axis parts General are in heavy load Xia, although movement speed lower, but some pin axis also easy wear, especially has relative turned of hinge more easy damaged, so to regularly for check, raises grease, prevent for dry mill wipe and speed up parts of wear, increases parts between of tie clearance, early damaged metal structure pieces, to increased maintenance cost and effect wrecker car of normal using life.

Also has, wrecker car Shang various pin axis are has different of fixed connection method, some with bolt tight solid, some with block circle positioning, because pin axis of by force and wear, has may appeared tight solid bolt of loose, and fracture, positioning block circle dropped, situation, to led to whole pin axis of off, so user in using wrecker front to on various pin axis for check, especially easily observation to of oil cylinder pin axis more to more attention, to timely found and solution problem, avoid damaged vehicles and the raised major security accident.

A screw, a slip can be turned into a catastrophe! Therefore, we should firmly establish the concept of prevention-oriented, the habit of wrecker vehicles for maintenance and repair of good habits, and continuously improve safety awareness.

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