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Water truck fuel---for your tips

Have higher gas prices, how to make sprinkles more fuel-efficient? Tips for you here.
Is to let the sprinkler and soft start. Hanging against the starting, slowly press the accelerator pedal, and slow acceleration. When the car reaches a certain shift speed, learn to listen to the voices of the sprinkler engine to gradually change from low to high gear. This could reduce the sprinkler engine warming up time, increased water truck fuel efficiency. If water thrown down when the car starts to accelerate, it will not only hurt the car will significantly increase water truck fuel consumption.
Second, starting after warm water truck. Low winter temperatures, whether to do "warm up" to let the car start, fuel consumption difference is obvious. Generally speaking, hot car 1-3 minutes before you go out in the winter, after the temperature reaches 40 c only. And let the car stable range of 1 to 2 km and then accelerated. This can reduce fuel consumption by sprinklers, it is good for the engine and sprinkler parts sprinkler.
Three traffic is to maintain a high fuel efficiency. In General, the sprinkler use high gear drag as much as possible. Learn to listen to the sprinkler engine sound to shift, and to learn about sprinklers. When the sprinkler engine to "shake" before going to down SHIFT, sprinkler speed up later changed back into high gear.

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