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Sprinkler problems and solutions

It is understood that the sprinkler has been China's urban greening and were an integral part of the project. Now, a growing number of sprinklers were shipped to all parts of the country, above the construction and sanitation work.
Technical parameters of sprinkler water pumps to flow 60m3/h, head 60M. Efficiency of not less than 60%, require pumps without filling the water condition should function like suck the height is not less than 4m, which not only for field engineering work, also suitable for extraction of River drains the city clean water, conservation of water resources.
Urban water supply pipe network arrangement when tied the fire, sprinkler water points should also be considered in order to reduce waste, save financial expenditure. Urban roads to clean the roads after watering, don't wash before use, in order to avoid silting up roadside drains and which created the, which can save costs of municipal administrations often digs. Improving and spraying nozzle mounting height, can be effectively expanded the water width, single nozzle can even finish his homework, and dust, the cooling effect is good, will be welcomed by the community.
Sprinklers are usually auto II chassis modifications, with automotive technology to improve performance and fuel indexes falling, sprinklers should be bicycle-15 30m3 direction to enhance social economy; the concentration of control device in a cab with air conditioning in order to lighten the drivers ' fatigue and improve comfort.
Has a multifunctional sprinkler of remains seasonal, mainly considering the use of in the winter. Add other special features to the existing sprinkler is obviously not desirable, but sprayed with salt water that can be achieved with internal circulation function, also can be installed in front of and pushing snow and ice-breaking hob, simple and practical devices to maximize the usage of the sprinkler.
1 sprinkler of whether bigger is better
Users bought sprinkler and use process, always hope that the volume of water to be bigger as well, and in practical application, idle for another sprinkler distance is short, add water to increase idle running and continuing operation of the exhumation of increased fuel consumption, increased spending, poor socio-economic. Sprinkler operation's primary role is to cool heat, dust, clean up the air. If too much water, local water due to uneven ground, portion of the road along the water into the sewers, water resources and economic waste; if the ground soil, then formed the mud, because tire strap, extension of ground pollution, after the ground is dry, formed a large area of dust and pollution. Which raise the topic is the wine operations should be carried out after the ground swept clean, while polluted ground water are more difficult to clean, large amount of water is not good.
Quantitative analysis
Above all, sprinkles instead of large amount of water is not good, and shower water and plays a less obvious role.
So how do you determine the amount of practical and economic sprinkler sprinkler? Dongfeng sprinkler requirements to speed 5-20km/h and practical application in the l-3 work, so not counting the speed under wine. The pump under the rated speed, loaded with 5T, sprinkler operating time t; the pump under the rated speed, full sprinkler sprinkler operating distance s; the pump under the rated speed, full sprinkler width: 14m; the pump under the rated speed, water is only proportional to the pump flow.
Lowest average sprinkler. Location is 1L/m2 the pump flow is equivalent to 100m3/h the sprinklers can achieve this requirement, but not economic, and practical application, hardened surface water formed in the region 1mm in the city of water, all the water cannot be attracted or evaporate, forming the ground water, and waste of water resources. So, to be combined with practical application to establish scientific and reasonable technical requirements.

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