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Routine maintenance and maintenance of sprinkler

Sprinklers are generally very long service life, during this period, if there is quality problem, that is, the sprinkler pump, so say sprinkler sprinkler pump maintenance.
Speaking of the repair sprinkler sprinkler pumps, maybe some people don't know true, but attaches importance to environmental protection in the country, it is very common for the industry. Many people in when driving at high speed, wind water pump dissilient experienced by stones or other hard objects.
In such cases, if spilled in order to replace a small crack on the entire block pumps, waste, and it is worth; if left unchecked, the wind pressure and let cracks widening, not only affect the appearance, will pose a threat to security. At this time, if to do sprinkler sprinkler pumps repair will be the ideal solution.
Sprinkler sprinkler pumps repair mainly filling in the cracks of liquid resin to eliminate gaps. Fill material used in sprinkler pump is a high transparency of liquid resin, UV heat can rapidly solidified, strength up to over 90% of the raw water pump. The construction process is not very complicated, the main tool is a vacuum syringe with needle-like structure, function is the sprinkler pump air pump inside the wound, then fill with water pump repair agent (liquid resin).
Usually a round wound, after completion of the repair will be left only a small circular marks or spider-crack long cracks will only leave behind a faint line, and only in a reflective point of view, can see traces of repair, see a "seamless" good sprinkling pumps. But repair strength can guarantee that harden the glue strength can reach the original sprinkler pump sprinkler pump 90%.
Sprinkle sprinkler sprinkler pump is a double bond the pump, when hit by external forces, if the strength is not enough to get it broken and cracks, gum in the middle of 构词成分。 Mei chi Palm, bursting into separation and atmospheric pressure, if you continue driving, widening the crack area be affecting vision and driving safety. Sprinkler repair sprinkler sprinkler pumps pump cracks or small wound treatment, operation time, would not affect the cars.
Repair any damage that can be done, once the water pump has been broken apart, or broken into pieces, and will not be repaired. But if the cracks are too big, repair costs may be as good as for new water pump, and will leave a scar. Therefore, the sprinklers sprinkler pump repair, preferably in the case of small damages in order to save time and money.
After repeated several times after pumping, pressing, repair of at least 90% space filled with filling of liquid, then use ultraviolet lamps above and below two minutes, patching solution set. Machine removed, wound Center will also have a small gap, then drops into the high concentration of PuTTY, covered with sprinkles water pump, also after irradiation with ultraviolet lamp drying, with a blade to scrape the surface, apply polishing agent, can be polished with a cloth. Need sprinklers, sprinkler pumps can contact us, will have good service and products for customer service across the country.

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