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Sprinkles and the daily operation and maintenance

Sprinklers Description:
Water truck: also known as the green spraying vehicles, water tankers, chassis, water systems, and tank components. According to the different purposes of use of the environment and a variety of spray and water features. Multi-purpose sprinkler combines many functions into one, users can request the special restructuring.
The sprinkler category:
Sprinkler use into spraying, washing, spray-rinse type; according to the type of chassis divided into car and trailer, semi trailer; divided by the water tank capacity, cubic metres (tonnes) of the sprinkler.
Water truck brand category: sprinkler depending on the chassis can be divided into East sprinkler, Liberation sprinkler, sprinkler Fukuda, Jac sprinkler, gem sprinkler, Shanxi auto sprinkler, auto sprinklers, beiben sprinkles and more.
Optional equipment: factory sprinkles all over the country have different prices. Standard sprinklers (green spraying vehicles, water tankers): former Red sprinkle, lateral; high lateral shower; work platforms bring green watering gun, adjustable column range 28m; can be adjusted into a mist, with a range of ≥ 15m. Optional dispenser trays, fight drugs. Also can add the drug, drug pumps and tank corrosion and rust, multi-directional inlet and outlet water connections, solenoid valve, pneumatic valves and other advanced facilities to meet different user needs.
Sprinkler color: color of sprinkles can be divided into: green/white, blue/white (green and blue to get close to nature, also called green sprinkles),
Sprinkler operation Note:
1. requirements for water
When sprinkler use of rivers, ponds as water, note that all suction pipe end into the water. To avoid inhalation of large stones or sand, floating debris, and generally includes suction pipe end filter, water filtration devices is strictly prohibited when removed. If the water is shallow, requires water to dig deeper, to ensure that no debris and not into the air. Different sprinkler pumps the water itself is different, fresh water pump requires no impurities in the water, turbid water pump requires cannot have too many rocks and sediment in the water.
2. Add water
Before each of centrifugal water pump suction must be added with a certain volume of water to the pump, adds must be turned off after adding water. Self priming water pump when used for the first time, you need to add water, you do not need to add water again later.
3. the inlet pipe must be vacuum-
Water inlet pipe system must maintain a certain degree of vacuum, pumping water in tank. Water systems must be reliable, hoses should not be damaged, hard tube cannot crack or leakage, also caused no water absorption.
4. the parking gear
Sprinklers either before the water, still in front of the water, power take off unit gear has to be at the Park.
5. winter water
Before the arrival of winter, water pumps and pipes in the water should be emptied to prevent cracking. North China winter construction no longer, therefore, upon completion of the construction, the water emptying pumps and pipes immediately, in case of trouble.
6. water note
Water front lower nozzle, close to the ground, spraying pressure, can be used for washing pavements; higher nozzle after (the sprinkler nozzle after each one) and sprinkled the water is wide, can be used for watering of road construction, when the nozzle after use should be the front nozzle close; when using the adjustable nozzle sprinkler, watering duration can be adjusted as needed. Sprinkling width and wider, less overlap and more uniform water density.
7. lubrication and fastening
Used to lubricate the drive Assembly in regular intervals during each lubrication point, often tight junction points, to ensure that the normal use.
8. the periodic blowdown
Sprinkler water storage tank with drain pipe, it tube imports as the bottom of the water tank. After a period of use, you should periodically open the drain pipe switch, the exclusion of accumulated debris in tank until the water becomes clear.
Sprinkler components:
The basic components of the sprinkler: rust-proof tank, connectors, sprinkle special self-priming pumps, pipe, spray outlet, working platforms, two types of chassis. Sprinkles optional equipment: GPS, universal nozzle, solenoid valve, pneumatic valve, operating system, add-in dynamic medicine.
A, special car chassis: General by Dongfeng, Jiefang, futianouman II chassis. The comparison of popular "Dongfeng gold fighter Dongfeng likas sprinkler, sprinkler, Dongfeng 140 sprinkles (long head), Dongfeng 145 water truck (flat), DF-153-type sprinklers (flat), East Kam Dongfeng Tianlong DFL1250A8 sprinkler, sprinkler (after bridge).
Second, tank production: automatic assembly line production of the tank is divided into: cutting, automatic welding, head spinning, advanced production technology, such as tank once rolling molding. Tank material made of high quality carbon steel plate production. Cases for special purposes in accordance with customer needs with 304 stainless steel. Tank volume is "cube cube cube, 8, 6, 5 4 cube cube cube, 15, 13, 10 cube", and so on.
Third, the pipeline system consists of "piping, valves, filters, outlet (formerly Red sprinkle, lateral; high lateral shower; work platform, with green water gun).
Four, the operating system: mainly driven by the engine gearbox, gearbox installed on the spill PTO driven pumps, sprinkling pump to produce power, spray the liquid inside the tank through the pipe network. Scope of work: self priming height: ≤ 7m, water spraying width: 14m, maximum range: ≥ 28m; adjustable column range 28m; can be adjusted into a mist, with a range of ≥ 15m.
Five, water pump: equipped with sprinklers spraying car, green power dedicated sprinkler pump (the Veyron pumps), fire fittings, flow valves, self-priming function.
Optional configuration: can add the plate, spraying pump, tank corrosion and rust, multi-directional inlet and outlet water connections, solenoid valve, pneumatic valves and other advanced facilities to meet different user needs.
Six sprinkler sprinkler: sprinkler car fitted with a beak-shaped nozzle or round red mouth, later fitted with cylindrical sprinkler nozzles or shower nozzles, rear work platform, equipped with water cannons. 8 nozzles can be loaded in the back.
Sprinkles, green watering cart special feature: Green sanitation multi-purpose, suitable for city sanitation plants greening, national quality leader in large-power special sprinkling pumps. Qian rushed (spray) Hou sprinkled, and with side spray (spent sprinkled), and with Hou work platform, and platform Shang installation green sprinkler Archibald (gun has rain, and rain, and drizzle, and fog-like can Regulation), with sucking pipes, with fire joint, with artesian valve, since sucking since row, can matching 20 meters green spray drug volume disc, and Spider-man, and with car hanging freight, function.
Seven, sprinkler cab: water truck cab is divided into: tipped the cab, or crew cab, also known as conventional cab, short head cab.
Sprinkler dedicated sprinkler pump routine maintenance:
Sprinkler causes water pump not self-priming:
1, the sprinklers sprinkler pump without liquid or liquid storage less than
2 suction pipe, sprinkler sprinkler pump leaking
3, sprinkler sprinkler pump speed is too low
4, sprinkler sprinkler pumps suction lift too high or clogged suction pipe
5, sprinkler sprinkler pump mechanical seal waste too much dew
Sprinkler sprinkler pumps troubleshooting:
1, add a little liquid

3, adjust the speed
4, suction, or suction pipe
5, repair or replacement of
Sprinkler sprinkler pumps low pressure cause:
1, impeller or suction pipe plug
2, impeller or impeller seal ring wear
3, low power low speed
4, inlet or outlet valve is not fully
Sprinkler sprinkler pumps troubleshooting:
1, remove plug

3 adjust, add plenty of horsepower to speed
4, full import or export
Sprinkler sprinkler pump shaft power consume too big cause:
1, large flow
2, high speed is too
3, distorting or impeller pump shaft stuck touch
4, flow blockage or stuck in the pump
Sprinkler sprinkler pumps troubleshooting:
1, decreasing
2, lower
3, correction or replacement of
4, remove plug
Sprinkler sprinkler pump noise vibration cause:

3, bearing wear
4, sprinkler water flow in the pump blocked or jammed
5, sprinkler sprinkler pumps or debris in the inlet piping
6, sprinkler sprinkler pumps and power machine spindle between different shaft
Sprinkler sprinkler pumps troubleshooting:
1, reinforcement

4, correction or replacement of
5, debris removal
6, adjust the concentricity
Sprinkler box description
Sprinklers used Dongfeng, Jiefang series PTO, pneumatic operation, switch back, power takeoff gear into mesh position through shaft driven water pump, switch forward, and pumps that stopped working.
Sprinkler sprinkler function:
Water front with duck-shaped nozzle or round red mouth, later fitted with cylindrical open sprinkler nozzles or shower nozzles, rear work platform, equipped with water cannons. 8 nozzles can be loaded in the back (optional)
Sprinklers are generally used for cleaning streets, dedusting and cooling effect, the sprinkler can be changed by adjusting the nozzle screw ways sprinkler spray directions and angles, high water cannons can be used for urban and rural landscape and fire. Lotus mouth watering down the middle of the road sprinkler flush dirt, play a role in clean air.

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