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The working principle of high pressure sprinkler

High pressure sprinkler of principle: the pumps driven by a hydraulic system that hosts original. HPW high pressure water pump as the water, combined with a variety of special high performance nozzles, KPL series cleaning equipment with powerful cleaning capabilities.
Due to the high output pressure, KPL series equipment cleaning areas water consumption is relatively low. Several high pressure nozzle working side-by-side, not only can thoroughly clean pavement and litter and dirt like a bulldozer and mud swept to the desired location. Due to the small water consumption, will soon dry up after the road clear. More noteworthy is that due to the water consumption per unit area, so only small vehicles are required to complete a large area of the street cleaning work, so as to alleviate the congested urban traffic pressure.
Advantages of high pressure sprinkler is as follows:
, Cleaning process control. Support wheel, and rotating nozzle, automatic control combined with operation, KPL street cleaning system is reliable and easy to clean trash and lime mud.
Second, high pressure, water
When water pressure up to 90-200 bar when water consumption will be less than 1 liter per square meter.
In this way, with a smaller tank can be cleaned very large street, saving water and energy, and reduce the number of water, improves work efficiency.
In addition, such a small water consumption will not be on the ground to form streams, the road could soon dry up.
Three, multifunctional rooms with
High pressure water cleaning equipment can be equipped with spray guns, into the sending reel, various cleaning nozzles and other accessories, can achieve a variety of functions at any time, such as with mobile spray gun cleaning vehicles, cleaning the wall graffiti, pipeline dredging, sewage cleaning and other operations. Widely used in industry, business, cleaning, sanitation etc

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