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Vigorously develop new energy sprinkles

New energy sprinkles is the General designation of a sprinkler does not use traditional fuels, with environmental pollution and the lack of resources in recent years, makes the study of new energy sprinkles and gradually began to be valued. Sprinkles of new energy policy, pure electric and plug-in electric hybrid vehicles into the focus of subsidies, and appears to rely on an external power supply to charge the battery of the electric sprinkler is watering new energy cars. There is such a policy, the to a falling stock market in the near future, hold the electric car "trump card" of the "new energy sprinkles plate" performances, was the scenery. "Early don't laughed and laughed", new energy sprinkles this game, not only master electric vehicle technology sprinkler company can seize the upper hand, more "boss" and "coal boss" may be in the field.
Technically, the electric car is nothing new "baby", the world's first rechargeable electric was born in 1881, 5 years earlier than the fuel-type sprinkler. But because of the one-time mileage is too short, a fatal weakness, pure electric vehicles in more than 100 years has always been to make people "not easy to say love you." Even using the most advanced lithium-ion batteries as "heart" of the "latest version" electric sprinkler, mileage is 2, 300 kilometers, and cost no less than the conventional fuel sprinkles.
The key is, to horse race, have to eat grass. Electric energy for a long period will mainly come from the grid! Although China's power structure "clean, efficient, large-scale" has improved, but there are still some 80% of electricity from thermal power. Under the current state of technology and the use of the same, one relies on power of pure electric vehicles and charging one with 1.4L "mechanical + Turbo + stratified direct injection" (TSI) gasoline engines compared to sprinkles, carbon emissions almost equal over the entire chain.
New energy sprinkler, watching not only the sprinkler industry, heavier in new, low-emission energy, and dominated by coal-fired power plant does not belong in low emission or zero-emission energy. If the "source" is not "new", "but his favours to 3,000 were concentered in one body" of electric vehicles, just like the "new" bottle "old" wine type of hype. Under the existing industrial structure and technology level, electric sprinkler is not a typical new energy sprinkles, nor do real "zero emissions".

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