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Concrete mixer truck driver out of the car inspection system

First, check the contents before driving:
1. compliance with traffic laws, drunken driving is strictly prohibited.
2. check the licence, vehicle registration, and some of the documents are complete.
3. check engine, engine oil, diesel oil, water, and the adequacy of the battery fluid.
4. inspect the hydraulic oil and power is normal.
5. check tire pressure and the steel screw is loose.
6. check the lighting instruments, horns, air pressure, steering mechanisms and the foot brake and hand brake is safe and effective.
7. the pump after entering the venue, first observe the terrain, steady pump stations must be smooth, solid, no obstacles, no power lines, and enables the tank easily accessible. Arm operation, ensure that the legs firm and reliable.
Second, driving in the examination content:
1. the tire inflation pressure and steering anyway levers are sensitive and effective.
2. drive various parts of the chassis and screw is loose.
3. abnormal noise of generators, hydraulic transmission parts are normal.
4. If there are oil spills, leakage phenomenon.
After the third, the shift check:
1. wash body and roller debris.
2. clean battery and cab health.
3. gas tank water, pulled a hand brake, locking the doors.
4. Add gasoline and diesel, and preparations for the next class.
5. pump operation is completed or when you need to transfer, to collapse the jib in order, and put them on the shelf, legs fully retracted and locked.

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