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The structural characteristics of concrete mixer truck

Concrete mixer concrete mixer truck chassis, and a dedicated device. China's production of concrete mixing carrier chassis using two classes of vehicle manufacturers to provide a common chassis. Its main private institutions include PTO, mixing tube before and after stent, reducer, hydraulic system, mixing tube, control, cleaning systems and so on. Works by power device chassis power out, and drive of hydraulic system for variable displacement pump, hydraulic energy into mechanical energy to constant displacement motor, motor-driven reducer, driven by reducer stirring device, mixing the concrete.
Concrete mixer chassis, mixing tube, feeding devices, water supply systems and hydraulic systems and other components. The main role in stirring and mixing concrete mixing drum, installed in the second part of the vehicle frame, mainly composed of cylinders, flanges, Raceway and mixing blades. Mixing both ends of the tube most of the external structure is pyramidal, cylindrical, its shape resembles a pear-shaped. Concrete storage tank made from high quality wear-resistant steel sheet, for automatically loading and unloading concrete wall welding with special shaped spiral blade. When the concrete tank is running, and filled concrete tank and soon condensed because of the continuously stirred when it reversed rotation, discharge port is automatically removed from the concrete.
Used concrete mixer truck chassis requires enough load capacity and strong power output. Engine will normally be required to have the 230kW (300 HP) more power, load 6-7m? selection 6x4 required concrete mixer truck load of 15t generic chassis, load 8-10m? need to quality for the selection of double-front-axle 8x4 20T class chassis, load 10-12m? 6x4 of the tractor and trailer to be used. Concrete storage tank rotation is driven by hydraulic mechanism to ensure that load 6-8M? of used concrete mixer truck driven by the engine through the PTO shaft and hydraulic pump, propelled by high pressure oil hydraulic motor driven concrete tanks. Loading to 9-12m?, by the on-board auxiliary diesel engine-driven hydraulic pump drive hydraulic motor. In addition, the design must be reasonable and convenient operation, concrete tank discharge completely, the problems encountered in the use must also be taken into account. For example, if the discharge is not completely, stay in the concrete will accumulate in the tank, storage tank capacity is reduced, and cleanup very difficult. Concrete storage tanks and better abrasion resistance of inlet and outlet, sand and gravel is a major component of concrete. They make concrete storage tanks and inlet and outlet to wear at work. Under normal circumstances, low alloy steel tank service life of 50,000-80,000 cubic metres of concrete. Spiral blade concrete tank only 30,000-40,000 cubic meters. Homemade concrete tank is usually made from high-strength low-alloy steel, wear than ordinary A3 steel 1-2 times. Some imported concrete tanks using manganese shed special wear-resistant steel and easily wear wear-resistant material reinforcement on the set, so its life than a low alloy steel manufacture and 1 time times. Therefore, using different materials the working life is not the same. Prices must be reasonable, service is the key, concrete mixer truck is a special-purpose vehicles, less ownership, lacking parts, compared with General Motors, manufacturers a greater dependence. Therefore, the manufacturer can provide a convenient, speedy and reliable service are important factors that must be considered when the selection.
Concrete mixing and transporting car in traffic and waiting for unloading in the process, to avoid separation and analysis of concrete water or coagulation, through the power take off unit remove the chassis power and drive of hydraulic system for variable displacement pump hydraulic energy into mechanical energy to constant displacement motor, motor-driven reducer, driven by reducer stirring device, mixing the concrete. Tank cylinder needs low-speed rotation (2-4R/min), when the discharge, tank cylinders need to reverse rotation (12-14R/min), concrete cylinder screw blade rotation, uniformly continuous discharge. Changes in speed and direction of rotation of the tank tube, were completed by the variable oil pump control rod-changing the pump speed, displacement and high pressure oil exports (oil pump reverse rotation).
Domestic truck-mounted concrete mixer truck used engine power. Power takeoff devices is by manipulating the power take off switch remove the engine, the hydraulic system-driven mixing drum, mixing tube feeding and transport process to rotate to facilitate feeding and mixing of the concrete, in the material at the reverse rotation, cut off after the end of work connected with the engine's power. Remove PTO hydraulic system engine power into hydraulic energy (displacement and pressure), and then by motor output for mechanical energy (rotational speed and torque), provide power for mixing drum rotation.
Gear speed reducer and motor output in hydraulic system, to the mixing drum. Control control of mixing drum rotation direction, to feed and transport process to rotate the material at a reverse rotation. Control of mixing drum rotation speed. Stirring device consists of mixing drum and its supporting components. Mixing drum of concrete containers, the spiral direction of rotation along the blade of concrete, constantly lifting and turning over the process mixed and stirred. Process of raw materials, transportation, mixing drum is turning, in concrete along the blade movement, material, mixing Drum reversing concrete unloading outside along the blade. Leaf is the main part in the stirring device, damage or excessive wear can cause uneven concrete mixer. In addition, the blade angle if the design is not reasonable, but also makes the concrete segregation. Cleaning system is cleaning the mixing drum, sometimes used for dry mixing in transit. Cleaning system for hydraulic system of cooling.
As a key part of mixer truck-mixing drum, which is followed by the front Cone, cone, spiral blade, small feed roller Cone, welded together by welding. Its internal helical blade has two groups, symmetrical layout on the half shell. Throughout the mixing drum with gear driven rotating. Positive spin, for feed or stirring, stirring, reverse rotation for discharging status. Mixing drum rotation speed up to 14R/min, speed adjustment can be adjusted by the joystick throttle control.
Dongfeng concrete mixer truck volume of mixing Drum 13.4m?, 8M at the stir concrete? concrete. Max external diameter is 2432mm. Used QSTE420 sheet of high-quality steel plate, it is a Q345A (16Mn) 1.6 times times the wear resistance of special materials. Roller material for casting. In order to prevent the beating of the drum during shipping, has designed a device to prevent its beating. On the wheel of this device in the subframe, outside the Raceway. In order to facilitate the maintenance, drum diameter of the cylindrical section opened a 600mm hole, through carrying out maintenance of it entering the drum. The bolt M10X25, strength class 8.8, tightening torque 50Nm.
Hydraulic system consists of including the gearbox and variable displacement piston pump consisting of closed-loop, and gearboxes and hydraulic systems using the same line. Reducer selection Germany ZF or Italy PMP produced a special reducer for concrete mixer trucks, piston pumps, hydraulic motors choose Germany Rexroth products, providing outstanding performance and long service life. Whole system a model of oil SAE15W-40, oil level is not less than the following standards:-MIL-L-46152C/-D/-E.
Control system by the controller, a linkage shaft, shaft and connecting rod mechanism, and control the speed and direction of rotation of the mixing drum. Mixing car Hou Department sides the layout a controller, around controller can achieved joint control, controller Shang only a root manipulation rod, received out end respectively through linkage connection to variable pump Shang, through pump Shang control handle of angle to Regulation pump of flow, to achieved control tube body turned of direction and speed, through around mobile handles to control; the handles while also through soft axis even to engine of throttle Shang, in need increased speed Shi can upper and lower mobile to manipulation handles, control this manipulation rod to achieved tube body speed of improve.
Feeding system consists of Hopper, the hoppers, the main chute, stand, lock, etc, is an important component of mixer, directly affects the speed and quality of feeding. In and out through a hopper connected to the bracket support frame and sub-frame of the background. Out of the hopper and the main chute and liner, liner uses just strength fine grain steel, a wear-resistant capability of Q345A (formerly 16Mn) 1.59 times times, greatly improves the wear resistance.
Chute can be made concrete in the direction requested by the unloading, Deputy chute extends the length of the chute. Deputy chute when inferior la Chute lock on the handle and lock. Locking in the chute not working, lock the main chute. Chute does not work, is to push will be automatically locked. Lift the lower lock handle, then pull the chute. Rotary support chute control rod chute, and adjust the chute notches up and down displacement effect using helical screw, positioning accuracy, reliable connection of light energy when moving. Locking rod will go to any location of chute lock, lift the handle, can be unlocked.
Truck electrical system consists of two parts: cooling fan control section and the back porch lights as shown in section. Cooling fan control: automatic control of cooling fan temperature switch starts and stops, fan start when the temperature is above 65 degrees, less than 60 ℃ when the fan stops. The temperature switch is located on the cooler, relay and fuse in the relay box next to the battery power supply. Back Gallery lights as shown in section: the Gallery lights for night says the back of the car as shown in outline is the size and simultaneously with the rear registration plate lamp lit and extinguished.
Main electrical components including: a relay and relay base, Flash buzzer, push-pull switch, toggle switch, chip, such as insurance and terminal block. Most of the electrical components by famous Germany HELLA electronics products. The company designed for Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, the world's leading automotive company for electrical accessories.

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