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Concrete mixer truck conversion considerations

Concrete mixer is placed on the chassis of a special purpose vehicle can turn the mixing Drum itself, mixing drum of concrete can be mixed in the process, so it has the dual function of transport and mixing. In order to accomplish the above functions and movements, design modifications should be aware of the following:
First,     modified the basic principles of
(A) the   functional structure of the chassis Setup, do not involve any Assembly of the chassis replacement.
(B)   modified the structure and modification parts connected to the frame of rationality.
(C)   modified rear axle load distribution is reasonable.
(D)   modified rationality on the chassis is required for processing.
(E)   projects, such as safety and regulations.
(Vi)   modified vehicle total mass must not exceed the maximum allowable total mass, axle axle load weight shall not exceed the maximum allowable axle load.
(G) the   left and right should be the basic uniform load distribution, maximum deviation must not exceed 30%.
(VIII)   barycenter position should be as low as possible, but must have the wheels bounce height of space that is required.
(IX)   modified vehicles overall dimensions shall not exceed the limit values, vehicle rear overhang must not exceed the standard limit value.
(10)   modified vehicles shall ensure ease of repair and maintenance.
(11) the modification does not allow to change the vehicle's wheelbase, to lengthen and shorten the frame girder, changing the beam location of special cases, chassis units should be provided to the Technical Department for advice and for help to avoid conversion quality issues.
(12) the modified vehicles are required to meet the current national regulations.
  Modification of the basic procedures and precautions
(A) the mixing capacity of
Carrying capacity is a major performance parameters of mixer is to control the geometry of the mixing drum, selection of carriage chassis and tonnage, determining parameters of the mixing Drum drive power and power equipment of critical data. Design capacity of mixer is the most economic, according to the comparative analysis of the situation. According to the information displayed using large-capacity mixers than the smaller capacity affordable. However, due to the lack of technology, China at present most manufacturers only small-and medium-volume mixer, where XXX is the mainstream models currently on the market.
(B) the layout selection of the mixing drum
Mixing Drum there are three layout on the chassis of the car, a tube towards the rear of the car tilted, concrete packed into and removed from the tail of the car; the other is mixing cylinder inclined forward, in front of the mixing Drum loading and unloading; there is also a whole jacket can turn (or oblique) skewed the mixing drum. Form up in a mixing Drum back layout structure. Forward-notwithstanding the driver to operate to facilitate benefit, but mixing tube must go beyond the cab above, excessive mixing tube is too long and complicated, mixing Drum capacity utilization also declined, and general design-time selection of the mixing Drum back layout. XXX according to market demand to develop the three-gradation concrete mixers, mixing Drum rear inclined, can lift when unloading.
(C) selection of chassis and check quality
1.   Geometric volume of mixing Drum according to the volume and shape
2.   According to the overall arrangement of chassis for mixing device;
3.   Of mixing devices and accessories for computing weight (weight includes the loading of concrete, water tanks hold water;)
4.   According to the above data check chassis bearing quality of compliance, if it does not reselect the chassis.
(D) check engine power
1.   Private engine configuration, taking into account the match engine power, engine layout;
2.   Common engine configurations: borrowed engine to have plenty of power, but based on the above experience to check compliance, provide the relative position of power and interface dimensions.
(E) check the front and rear axle load
The foregoing shows that: put the center of gravity position the best load Center of gravity coincides with the chassis design, calculating the center of gravity must be installed device (front/rear axle load check)
1.   According to upload layout to calculate the relative position of gravity;
2.   According to the loaded weight front/rear axle load, checking conformity of the front/rear axle bearing.
3.   If it does not consider the following aspects: the chassis again, structural improvements, install chassis layout changes, and so on.
(F) chassis stability check
1.   Mixing device for focus on layout, some as low as possible;
2.   Mixing device for mixing or unloading working, due to the mixing Drum driven Rotary offset concrete makes its shift to the direction of rotation, cause eccentric loading to the chassis, so that one side of the longitudinal axis of the chassis front/rear axle and tire load increase, overloaded even, which offset the center of gravity will cause the mixer truck driving stability, which is the selection of chassis, jacket design should pay attention to the problem.
(G) the installed drive power design
According to the PTO the export position of the chassis where the pump is installed, determine the length of the drive shaft.
(VIII) considering the
Mixers mixing device and carries the chassis should be consistent in using life, commensurate with the normal overhaul periods, especially for easily worn mixing English and blade should advance life and replacement period provided, must be guaranteed in terms of structure design and material selection.
(I) the chassis connected to the stirring device
Stirring device connected to the chassis should be reliable, agitator of subframe and chassis frame should be based on reliable connection of the chassis frame of the actual situation in different ways.
(J) upload control
Jacket and mixing device for mixing and material working conditions, should be effectively controlled in the chassis cab.
When carrying out electrical design modifications, to properly understand the vehicle's electrical system schematics, so as to avoid errors, to the attention of:
1.   If you need to connect the power supply directly from the chassis circuit, should check the chassis using generator power and battery capacity to meet uploaded electricity requirements;
2.   Wiring harness for additional electrical equipment should be arranged separately, and cannot take on the original wire;
3.   If necessary, should set up special grounding wire;
4.   If you need extended and short-beam reduction should be the whole wiring harness replacement, features protective measures need to be taken and clamp firmly fixed, fixed spacing should be between 200mm~800mm.
(12) water supply system design of
When using pneumatic water supply system, air is taken from the chassis air reservoir, gas mixer water supply is generally used in a car non-State, have an impact on car does not.
(13) the subsidiary system
According to the provisions of the original indicators, control standards and regulations, the subsidiary structure of the device the system selection and combination, beware:
1.   Should be simple and compact structure, light weight, in order to reduce vehicle weight, which helps to improve the mixer for concrete
Effective loading capacity and reduce power consumption by vehicles;
2.   Should try to reduce the mixing drum and vehicle height and weight of the mixer in order to guarantee the stability of mixer.
3.   Structure of the layout to fit the chassis Strip shape and height restrictions.
According to the chassis paint colors, design of vehicle paint scheme. Overall coherence, give people the comfort of Visual beauty.
Stirring device be equipped with vehicle tools and accessories should be based on integrated chassis configurations, to be supplemented.
(16) the product label
Product label should be fixed in the obvious location, and content integrity, such as: product name, model; maximum size shape; main performance parameters of vehicles; manufacturers name, product identification code; serial number and manufactured date.
Modified vehicle required
(A)   modified, must ensure that the function and safety of the vehicle, as well as the space of all moving parts.
(B) the   to ensure that the modified part has enough space for maintenance, especially the lubrication points, fastening bolts, batteries and brake parts for operational space.
(C) the   routine maintenance checks and lubrication points, must be guaranteed without any disassembly.
(D) the   does not allow changes to the engine's cooling system will not affect the air intake and exhaust gas discharge.
(E)   install modified parts, assemblies and individual parts must guarantee safe passage, operational safety, reliability, functionality, and ease of maintenance.
(F) the   to ensure that the moving parts such as axles, suspension of the chassis, drive shaft, steering, brake and shift lever function and movement freedom.
(G) the   shall be without prejudice to the maintenance and lubrication operations.
(VIII)   when modified parts out of the cab when, should ensure that the cab free to flip.
(I) the   shall not be affected by refit vehicle, braking and steering performance.
(10)   all modifications and changes to the car to be implemented according to the current national regulations.
(11) may not be removed or change the chassis manufacturer in flag.

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