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Speed in hydraulic system of road-block removal truck

Wrecker in hydraulic system of speed there are three main types:
, Towing truck throttle, dosing pumps for oil, the flow control valve to change into and out of the flow to regulate the speed of the actuator, which valve control system.
Second, the wrecker volumetric speed control using variable or variable-displacement motor to change the displacement of the pump or motor speed. This system is called pump control system.
Third, the road-block removal truck volume throttling speed, feedback variable displacement pump for oil pressure, the flow control valve to change into or out of the implementation of components of flow and speed, while enabling the variable flow rate of the pump with flow control valves adapted to flow through.
Oil recycling, repair car speed control circuit is divided into open loop and closed loop in two ways. In open circuits, pumps oil from the tank, lose oil pressure actuator, actuator from the oil flow back to the mailbox directly; in closed circuit, the hydraulic pump inlet is not by e-mail directly connected with the implementation of components of the outlet, form a closed ring circuit. Open-circuit of simple structure, can achieve a pump (pump) (actuator), the hydraulic cooling conditions are good, but the tank size, air and dirt easily penetrated. Closed-circuit compact structure, small mailbox sizes, usually a pump machine, because it is a closed ring circuit, air and dirt easily penetrated, but poor cooling conditions, you need to pump oil change, cooling and compensation for oil spills and more complex structure. In practical application, throttle speed due to fever, low efficiency, the use of open circuits. Speed high efficiency, low heat, the use of closed-circuit.
Control performance, the wrecker volumetric speed control closed circuit, due to the pump or motor variable speed, contain a large volume, especially when you start or reversing stress need to be rebuilt, and correspondingly slow. In contrast, the throttle open-circuit the speed control sensitivity.
Due to the above features, practical applications, small and medium sized hydraulic equipment, power and efficiency was low, but the energy loss is smaller, for the sake of its agile, simple structure, with throttle open circuit. For medium power of the hydraulic equipment, for the sake of efficiency in order to reduce the loss of energy, the use of volumetric speed control closed circuit. In General, the same power condition, the manufacturing costs of the two systems are similar. As mentioned earlier, two circuit has the advantage of simple structure and controlling sensitive, easy to use and maintain. Disadvantage is that due to throttle speed, pump and actuator cannot be power to match exactly, so inefficient, large amount of heat. Generally only used to power small occasions.

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