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Towing truck diesel six considerations for vehicle maintenance and repair

Towing truck wrecker towing truck diesel maintenance and maintenance of six notes:
Reminds people of the wrecker towing truck diesel vehicle, always think of smoke, noise and so on, in fact, with the 2003 development of the third daidian-controlled high-pressure common rail injection system, noise and road-block removed truck diesel engine vibration problem has improved, new wrecker towing truck diesel engines ensure low noise and low vibration of the premise, also has a good economy, power and so on.
Attracting international companies to repair car repair car passion diesel engines, also contributed greatly to the wrecker towing truck diesel car sales abroad now wrecker towing truck has been robbed of diesel vehicles in Europe half of the gasoline car, but some models, such as Land Rover in Europe 90% are the road-block removal truck diesel version.
Wrecker car wrecker car diesel car of advantages so highlight, also let China gov-Ern-ment began foster this a project, and this background Xia, oil this a persistent problem also get has solution, from last year January 1 began, Beijing on began provides meet "country four" standard of wrecker car diesel, and according to this year May State introduced of new deal showed that, to 2010 years car with wrecker car diesel will all reached country III standard. Wrecker towing truck diesel vehicles to enter the home market this is going more and more quickly.
From the manufacturer's view, wrecker towing truck diesel vehicles have become the goal of many manufacturers next captured the market. Generally per kilometre of road-block removal truck diesel-fuel consumption towing cars on average than gasoline cars, 25% or so, plus cheaper towing truck diesel itself, this down, wrecker towing truck diesel car can save a lot of money.
But most consumers buying gasoline cars, wrecker towing truck diesel vehicle repair and maintenance by only a few people know, if you are ready to purchase a wrecker towing truck diesel vehicles, the following contents of a prospective purchaser must follow:
Towing truck diesel fuel is a complex mixture of hydrocarbons, so it's more difficult to fire, as it is relatively safer choice for fuel. The quality of road-block removal truck diesel wrecker towing truck diesel engine "health" operation assurance contains water or impurities in the poor-quality road-block removed truck diesel will cause serious damage to the high pressure pump. For users, the best approach is to carefully choose the gas station, and after refueling asked for the Bill.
Wrecker towing truck diesel cars are definitely not of the wrong gas if gas station attendant errors would be gasoline, car owners will not start the car, to immediately get in touch with pits or 4S shop, seek technical support.
Note II:
Wrecker towing truck diesel engines are very durable, wrecker towing truck diesel engine speed is relatively low, relative decrease wear on the engine parts, wrecker towing truck diesel truck no high voltage ignition system and throttle body, so the low failure rate of the engine, longer service life with about 850,000 kilometers. Wrecker towing truck diesel engine oil requirements are different from gasoline, it requires a special oil. And maintenance of its time with each manufacturers engine oil and local relationships. Land Rover wrecker towing truck diesel engine, its fuel oil with a sulphur content of more than 0. 7% of the time, no oil changes more than 6000 kilometres, of course, if towing truck diesel falls below this value, then the maintenance cycle can be up to 12000 km.
In the course of using, and also to strengthen the air filters, oil filters and road-block removal truck diesel filters three filter maintenance, give full play to their role.
Note III:
Wrecker towing truck diesel engine's power is very good, very fuel efficient, wrecker towing truck diesel engine of the same displacement to a much higher power than the gasoline engine, and the fuel consumption is very low. However, the wrecker towing truck diesel engines must not towing truck diesel consumed again, because in this case the engine is idling and inhaled air, will seriously damage the engine.
Note IV:
New wrecker towing truck diesel engines usually have the glow plug system, the glow plug indicator users is heating up, as when the engine is cold, turn the ignition switch, the led is lit, led is off when you start the engine. If the engine is warm State, then the light does not shine, you can directly start the engine. Meanwhile, the lamp also has an alarm function, in the process, the indicator light flashes, it indicates that the engine management system to fail.
The five:
Wrecker towing truck diesel starts not to step on the gas pedal while starting out too quickly, speed is not too high. When the engine after running for a long time, do not shutdown, idle running around 2min, temperature and then shut down to avoid heat build-up.
Note VI:
Finally, understanding a concept--gel point. Towing truck diesel lose liquidity and freezing temperatures called freezing point. Solidifying point is too high, low temperatures likely to cause blockage of oil. Marking of the road-block removal truck diesel in our country is fixed on a point, pour point is the level of the main basis for selection of road-block removal truck diesel and therefore in different areas and different seasons should choose the right road-block removed truck diesel. The following table is a different road-block removed truck diesel grade corresponding to the area of application temperature.
10th light towing truck diesel suitable for preheating equipment of road-block removal truck diesel engine
5th light towing truck diesel for risk rate for 10% use
Lightweight wrecker, No. 0 diesel for risk rate for 10% use
Light towing truck diesel-10th apply risk rate 10% low-5 deg area using
Light-20th road-block removed truck diesel suitable for 10% low risk-14 per cent of the areas
Light towing truck diesel-35th apply risk rate 10% low-29 per cent of the areas
Light towing truck diesel-50th apply risk rate 10% area above the minimum temperature at-44 degrees

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