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When dust sprinkles for safe escort

We have always been storm-prone areas in the North, the strongest sandstorm this year recently on China's "jolt", sand all over the sky, buildings become blurred in the dust, dry taste of dust in the air. The ferocious sandstorm that swept through China's 16 provinces (cities, districts), about 270 million people are affected by severe dust storms intrusion and influence.
Dust pervades not only air visibility, pose a serious threat of road traffic safety and inhaled large amounts of dust particles and effects on human health, every spring we sharp increase in the number of cases of respiratory diseases in the North. Dust, the sanitation Department has started large scale massive clean sweep operations to "subdue" the floating dust. A municipal operations, said successive days of sand-dust weather and gathered a lot of dirt on the roads. If using the traditional method of road sweepers, the dirt again raise will cause secondary pollution.

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